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The officers of 2007 - 2008

Albert Liou : President : Email
Sugar Land, TX : Hometown
2008 : Year

Rice University
B.S.E., Electrical and Computer Engineering, '02

About Me
Like many of my fellow officers, I came to law school having been steered in the direction of Intellectual Property law. After dabbling in various other areas of law, I plan to enjoy my 3L year and pursue my initial interest of practicing IP litigation in Houston. All of this, of course, is secondary to my primary life interest: sports. I enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, and other competitive sports. I am an avid fan of the Houston Rockets, Astros, and Texans. I also enjoy spending my time playing poker, bargain shopping, and watching videos on YouTube.

Kat Li : Vice President of Operations : Email
Plano, TX : Hometown
2009 : Year

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.Eng., Materials Science and Engineering, '06
S.B., Materials Science and Engineering, '05

About Me
For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to go to law school. I love Texas and am thrilled to be at UT Law. With my engineering background, I am interested in patent law, both prosecution and litigation. In addition to ALSA, I am also involved in TIPLJ, SROC and IPLS. Outside of school, I enjoy playing softball, shopping, traveling, reading, and running at Town Lake.

Vijay Desai : Vice President External Relations : Email
Houston, TX : Hometown
2009 : Year

The University of Texas at Austin
B.S., Chemical Engineering, '04

About Me
My single goal in life is to dunk a basketball (authoritatively) on a 10-foot rim. If I end up as a successful patent lawyer instead, then I guess I'll concede my true dream. I'll always be an engiNERD because science is my passion. Despite that, choosing law school -- after spending 23 years never once considering the idea -- has been the best decision of my life.

Sara Kim : Secretary : Email
Dallas, TX : Hometown
2009 : Year

Loyola University Chicago
B.S., Criminal Justice, '06
Minor, Psychology, '06
Minor, Communication, '06

About Me
Happily, I survived my 1L year and am now a 2L. I'm involved in
ALSA, WLC, SROC, TILJ, DVSSN, and CLSA on campus. I am also one of the mentors for Bradford Society. I have an odd obsession with dogs and cupcakes. This summer I interned at Volunteer Legal Services. I came to law school with a desire to help people and to make a difference in the world - hopefully I leave with the same attitude.

Grace Lee : Treasurer : Email
Spring, TX / Ridgewood, NJ : Hometown
2008 : Year

The Univ. of Texas LBJ School of Public Affairs
M.P.Aff., (in progress) '08
Dartmouth College
A.B., History, '03
Minor, Chemistry, '03

About Me
My goal is to be a non-starving public interest lawyer. I like shoes, accessories, and shiny sparkly objects. I run very slowly.

Elaine Lo : Alumni Relations Director : Email
Houston, TX : Hometown
2009 : Year

The University of Texas at Austin
B.A., English, '04

About Me

Chester Shiu : Development Chair : Email
Houston, TX : Hometown
2009 : Year

Stanford University
M.S., Biomedical Informatics, '06
B.S., Biomedical Computation - Cellular/Molecular, '05

About Me
Random fact #1: I once had a lunch date crashed by a Nobel Laureate.

I'm interested in patent law, particularly prosecution, and aspects of the law related to the life sciences (e.g., FDA regulation, etc.) Before law school I was interested in intersections between computer science and biology, especially in molecular dynamics and high-throughput biology.

Random fact #2: There are no storm drains in Singapore.

During my 1L year I tried to make layered espresso drinks, looked for scenic places to drive my Subaru, built a heat reflector out of foil and automotive sun shades to cool my apartment, wondered if Jeff Van Gundy had a childhood accident involving a bench, and pondered which 'wich? And I read a bit.

Marla Tseng : Mentor Relations Director : Email
San Antonio, TX : Hometown
2009 : Year

Bryn Mawr College
Urban Studies, '01

About Me
I am absolutely fascinated by other cultures and customs, and I've spent time abroad in Spain, Scotland, and Peru (as well as a week in Cuba--with the permission of the Treasury Department, of course!). That's one of the reasons immigration law is close to my heart, but I have also become interested in real estate and labor and employment.  In my non-law life, I am an avid Spurs fan, fervently hoping that we can finally repeat in 2008!

Abi Vijayan : Mentor Relations Director : Email
Sugar Land, TX : Hometown
2009 : Year

The University of Texas at Austin
B.A., Psychology, '06
B.A., English, '06
B.A., Government, '06

About Me
I'm interested in international law, with a focus on Asia. Somewhere
down the line I want to devote myself to human rights, but I'd also like to see the corporate side of things, partly to be well-rounded and partly to afford nice shoes. In recent years my quirky obsession has moved from The X-Files to baseball and adoring kind of ugly sports players. The Houston Astros are my heroes, and the Houston Rockets are close.


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